Amy Cann, NH Justice of the Peace

In 2014, I became a Justice of the Peace at the encouragement of a good friend and fellow Justice of the Peace, who thought I would really enjoy it.

He was right! A wedding is such a happy time for people and I have been very lucky to share in many special ceremonies and memories already.

I’m also a member of the Justice of the Peace Association with our corresponding Code of Ethics. 

Aside from performing weddings, I own a HR Consulting agency in Portsmouth, NH, and I’m an Adjunct Professor for Southern NH University and a Workshop Trainer for the University of NH. My education includes a MBA in Global Studies, Graduate Certificates in HR and Social Media Marketing, and a dual BA in Human Resources and Psychology. 

I live in the Greater Seacoast and I’m pleased to perform weddings around NH from Concord to Laconia to Ossippee to Rochester to Rye and surrounding towns. There are many choices from beautiful formal venues and gardens to simple yet beautiful beaches at sunset to comfortable and inviting private home ceremonies.

I am happy to work with you to find the right fit for your personality, timeline, and budget.

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